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Point Electrical Ltd. We provide innovative automation systems and solutions to enhance your industry!


Point Electrical Ltd has been part of many projects in the Nelson region and abroad since its forming in 2010.  We have been actively involved in various industries and at different scales - small machines, entire factories and some very specialist areas.  This accumulated experience enables us to provide unique and cutting edge solutions to almost any challenge.   Point Electrical Ltd is one of Omron's Top Preferred Integrators, a Systems Integrator for Induction Automation Software, and where possible we use very high quality sensors and field devices from IFM Electronic.



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                            RECENT PROJECTS

Pic's Peanut Butter - Thanks Pic’s for making great product we all enjoy! Up and running since September 2018 this production facility has the added bonus of a great Pomeroys cafe out front and tours for those interested in how Pic’s became Pic’s! Point Electrical Ltd after commissioning the plant with a fully featured Omron control system and Ignition SCADA is working with Pic’s to optimize production. Has been a pleasure working with the team there - is great to see a company so committed to growing through investment in the team itself.

Hops, Hops Hops! - A few noteworthy projects in the Hops industry have kept Point Electrical on its toes last season - small but meaningful upgrades from automated bale presses, to whole farms, including Ellerslie Hop in VIC, Australia. Ellerslie Hop had the very difficult task of recovering from a fire that shortly after harvest destroyed most of the farm - except - the coolstore that kept Coopers in brew containing the whole season’s harvest. Phew. The grim task of rebuilding in under a year required some serious work, and it all came together in the nick of time. Well done guys.

Freestyle Farms - Hops - This progressive and fresh enterprise has been upgrading systems in a local farm after purchasing it in 2016. Always looking forward and dedicated to the output of a high quality product, it is a pleasure working with Freestyle Farms to develop systems capable of delivering this quality and with volume minus the downtime. Some large upgrades planned this coming season further enhancing reliability and helping maintain a steady stream of tasty beverage. Systems are based on an Omron NX102 Data-basing PLC.

Contour Roofing Ltd -  Re-controlling an existing rollformer see's the start of a great system integrating with Contour's jobbing software, via Omron's SQL native Databasing CPUs - Using an Webpage API for the operations manager to send Jobs to machines and then populating the main Firebird Database with information from the job, barcodes, weights etc means a thorough streamlining of existing systems, with virtually zero operator error.  Not to mention the increase in accuracy of the machine itself.

Dynamic Weight Grader for Conning Nurseries - This produce weighing and sorting conveyor system has proved extremely useful for Conning Nurseries, weighing Watermelon, Rockmelon, Broccoli, Pumpkin, while moving providing accurate and consistent sorting.  Huge refinement in product weight brackets, and overall throughput. 

Servo based depalitizer for client X - fast and accurate empty bottle dispensing machine for dairy packaging line

Microbrewery for client Y - Centralised temperature control, and process control for (large) small batch brewing operation.  Designed for 87 fermenters between 200L and 600L the system also encompasses mash tank control, Glycol system, bottling line, and Pasteurization system.  

Small Sawmill upgrade - Small local sawmill upgrade -  older manual equipment was upgraded to include laser positioning and preset cuts for main saw, meaning less waste on breakdown saw - and much less operator input to achieve far greater accuracy. 

Timber Optimising saw - new controls for a dated optimising saw, phosphorescent mark detection and high speed cutting up to 4m/s belt speed. Huge throughput improvement.